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Katre Haav and her little son on stage
A happy Katre Haav, after winning the 2nd prize of the jury



1st prize of the Jury (CHF 6'000.-)

A bearded bald man sitting at a desk.

Daniel Remón
E 2012, fic., 16 min., OV/d/f
Jury statement:
We felt that the different persepectives on what disability means in itself and how it is seen by society as a whole as portrayed in this film, and the way it made us think about these issues deserved the first place.
One of its great strengths is that – although it centers on disability – in fact, not a single person with a disability is shown, and it is not narrated from the perspective of someone who is disabled.
KOALA is set against the realistic backdrop of the world economy, the world of money; it’s neither black nor white, but narrated in realistic shades of grey. The story, setting and editing are intelligent and to the point. It demonstrates how far we still have to go as a society until we have understood how to interact with disabled people “normally”. 

2nd prize of the Jury (CHF 3'000.-)

A young man in the bathtub, bathing in a yellow liquid

Katre Haav
EST/D 2013, ani., 12 min., OV/d/f
Jury statement:
This is a deeply enriching and convincing portrait of someone with schizophrenia, of his feelings and how he sees the world. The sensitive use of graphics and animation skillfully avoids any voyeurism. The question of how to portray mental illness is particularly challenging, and we see director Katre Haav as having succeeded in doing so.

Stiftung "Denk an mich" Award (CHF 5'000.-)

Young parents sitting on a couch, she with a glass of wine and he with a cigarette in his hand.

(Our curse)
Tomasz Śliwiński
PL 2013, doc., 27 min., OV/d/f
Statement of the jury:
The “Denk an mich” foundation is very pleased to give this award to a film that addresses day-to-day issues, impairment, disability, leisure and recreation in a special way. This film invites us to accompany the lives of a young couple and their child on part of a journey, where the word 'recovery' has an entirely new and existential meaning. In the end, the film manages to do what has always been difficult in the context of disability and impairment: It forces us to take a closer look.


look&roll 2014 Audience Award (CHF 3'000.-)

Rear view of a boy dressed in a denim jacket, porting a skateboard in one hand. He stands in a high meadow and observes a man who is going along a wheat field with a walker.

Andrew Moir
CDN 2012, doc., 18 min., OV/d/f
When Andrew was three years old his father learned he had ALS, a fatal and incurable illness. Seventeen years later and now a filmmaker Andrew documents the experience of Brad, a father with three young boys who also has ALS, in an effort to re-experience his childhood. This short documentary follows Brad and his family as they cope with the challenges of parenting in the face of this disease.
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Procap Special Award (CHF 1'000.-)

Protagonist Andrew Pullen and his collection

Summer DeRoche
AU 2012, doc., 7 min., VO/d/f
Festival director's statement:
We would like to pay special tribute to someone who in a short interview provides the perfect concept for creating workplaces for people with Asperger. In Summer de Roche’s documentary, as the curator of a light bulb collection, Andrew Pullen demonstrates his extraordinary ability to document a fading technology. Apart from its poetic charme, his claim, “I could make this country shine“, is particularly incisive in more than one sense. Where is the technical institution or science museum whose management understands the potential of such an employee, and is willing to put their unique skills to good use?
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