Animation film still, portrait of a young man in a penumbrous room
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«Mind my mind» by Floor Adams, The Netherlands 2019

Mind my mind

The Netherlands 2019, Ani., 30 Min., OV/d
Director: Floor Adams

Chris, a man with Asperger’s syndrome camouflages his obsession with dive bombers, together with Hans, who lives in his head and prepares his social scripts. When zoologist Gwen invites Chris to meet her favourite chameleon, he expeditiously moves ahead with a flirt script. Then the chameleon dies and Gwen turns to Chris for support. «Mind My Mind» is a hopeful and optimistic film that encourages people to be patient with each other. It reminds us that if you don’t judge too quickly, you might find something beautiful.

look&roll 2020, 1st Prize of the Audience and 2nd Prize of the Jury