A young man kneeling next to his friend sitting in a wheelchair.
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«Als het zo is» by Kay Greidanus / Steef de Bot, The Netherlands 2016

Als het zo is

(If it were so) The Netherlands 2016, Fic., 12 Min., OV/d
Directors: Kay Greidanus / Steef de Bot

Sam looks into the mirror on the day of the funeral of his best friend. He thinks about the last few months they got to spend together, how they said goodbye and how they celebrated life in their own way. «Als het zo is» is a short drama movie about the irrevocable ending of a beautiful friendship. A last will on a crumpled piece of paper, racing wheelchairs and hovering over the beach. About a drunken night without a wine opener and how a woolen sweater and rain boots could determine the atmosphere.