Portrait of a young woman sitting in a dark room

Ik laat je gaan

(Letting you go) The Netherlands 2014, Doc., 18 Min., OV/d
Director: Kim Faber

«I just want to sleep. I’m tired,» explains 27-year-old Sanne. She suffers from borderline personality disorder, chronic depression and insomnia. She underwent treatment for nine years without progress, so she’s made the decision to end her life. To avoid traumatizing her father and friends, she has chosen to use self-euthanasia, a more humane method of suicide. This will give those close to her the opportunity and time to say goodbye. Director Kim Faber follows Sanne in her final weeks, during which she prepares for her approaching death and spends valuable time with her father. This is an intimate and courageous portrait of a young woman searching for peace, and a father who decides to support her choice.
look&roll 2016

Part of the DVD Best of look&roll 4