Blurred portrait of a young woman
«213 Things About Me» by Richard Butchins, UK 2015


A farewell programme curated by the retiring festival director Gerhard Protschka.

Sunday, May 7, 19.15h
Free admission (Donations)

Programme (Duration: 75 min.)

Picture: A smiling couple in a cafe


Two people have a date in a restaurant: a quite regular situation for us but for them a very special moment.  

Picture: A young man and a young woman on the point of kissing each other

Atlantic Avenue

How a seventeen year-old determined girl in a wheelchair encounters love through a young antisocial male prostitute.  

Picture: A small boy in the child's seat of a car

Mon petit frère de la lune

A young girl tries to understand why her little brother, who has autism, is so different and gives her version of the facts.  

Picture: A toy robot crossing in front of the face of a young woman

213 Things About Me

«My report card said ‘does not apply herself’. I thought that was a little misguided… all I do is focus and apply myself». (Cate Warren)  

Picture: The faces of three performing clowns

The Cost of Living

A look at what happens after a group of street performers give up their clown work. A unique dance film performed by DV8, featuring David Toole.