The faces of three performing clowns

The Cost of Living

England 2004, Fic., 35 Min., OV/d/f
Director: Lloyd Newson

This entertaining look at what happens after a group of street performers give up their clown work in a British seaside town makes it clear that live or on celluloid, DV8 are one of the sharpest dance troupes around. The movement arises out of character and situation, whether it’s a guy in a nightclub whose nervous tics take over his body, or a woman fighting off a group of boys with a hoola hoop. It’s an ensemble piece, but the film’s most memorable moments involve David Toole , a legless dancer who seduces us in a bar, fights off a bigot, gets to dance with a ballerina and shares the film’s extraordinary final image.
look&roll 2008, Special Mention of the Jury