The face of an middele-aged man
look&roll 2018, 1. Price of the Jury for Perfectly Normal, Joris Debeij, USA 2016.

look&roll 2018 awards

Our congratulations to the winners of this edition’s awards! And our deepest respect for all the filmmakers and actors and protagonists who produced the works gathered in our competitions. It is you who make this festival, we just organise your creativity!

«look&roll Jury Awards 2018» 1. Prize of the Jury (CHF 5’000.-)
Perfectly Normal by Joris Debeij, USA 2016
Statement of the jury:
This is everyday’s life of two anti-heroes recounted in an unimposing, quiet and calm manner. A simple, homely and ordinary gathering. The shared life of two people who create their own normalcy and their own world within the individual complexity of their impairments. The viewer gets a rough idea of how it might be to live with Asperger, with it’s limitations and beyond. The film does not follow linear patterns. It translates a spherical way of thinking into pictures that is out of reach for most of us. The benign details of this unspectacular daily routine, repetitive moments and the cohabitation with his partner Toni create the structure for the story and, at the same time, offer a constant pattern for the protagonist. Jordan’s «People First» puts the motto of Joris Debeij’s film in a nutshell.

«look&roll Jury Awards 2018» 2. Prize of the Jury (CHF 2’500.-)
Møterommet (The Meeting Room) by Ellen Ugelstad, N 2017
Statement of the jury:
We are acting and self-staging. All of us. The film follows a meeting of experts and their professional interaction. One-to-one talks disclose further perceptions emerge and we discover that human treats behind the dry system of bureaucracy.
There is a shared interest to allow an independent life to the person in question. What is fixed is the day of his discharge. What is missing is a vision or any details of his life outside. What remains is a feeling of perplexity. The protagonist’s fate is not a unique one but applies to all of us. Director Ellen Ugelstad strikingly well mirrors this reality by using the architecture of a theatre. And she manages to do so without incrimination.

«look&roll Audience Awards 2018» Int. Competition (CHF 2’500.-)
Láthatatlanul (Invisible) by Áron Szentpéteri, HUN 2017

«look&roll Audience Award on Ageing & the Elder» (CHF 2’500.-)
Digital Immigrants by Norbert Kottmann / Dennis Stauffer, CH 2016

«look&roll 2018 Festival Director’s Award» (CHF 1’000.-)
Sia Winkelmolen, Bas Hatfield and Vince van de Poel «Rock’n’Rollers» by Daan Bol, NL 2016
Statement of the director:
We have had the honour and the pleasure of these young gentlemen visiting our festival. Of course we were thrilled by their music and to see all their enthusiasm while playing for our guests. However, the director’s prize for the most impressing personality on the set goes to the band members of «Morgana’s Illusion» for their clear, open and warm way of talking about very difficult times in their lives.

Members of the international jury 2018

Picture: Portrait of Katrin Küchler

Katrin Küchler

Katrin Küchler has been co-director of the  «Filmfest Dresden» from 2010-2017. She is internationally known as a profound adept of short films and regularly invited to be part of juries. Katrin now works for the public German TV-Station MDR working for the short film programme  «Unicato», amongst others.

Picture: Portrtait of Flurina Mätzener

Flurina Mätzener

Flurina Mätzener works as head of the logopaedic department at Basel’s clinic for Neurorehabilitation and Paraplegiology REHAB. Her professional fields are accordingly disorders of communication, verbal and non-verbal speech, respiration, voice and writing.

Picture: Portrait Inga Laas

Inga Laas

Inga Laas works as a freelance online editor and writes for, amongst others, Greenpeace Switzerland.  She will soon finish her studies on environmental engineering. Inga is profoundly hard of hearing as from birth and is hosting screening for look&roll regularly.

Picture: Portrait of Michael Schmid

Michael Schmid

Michael Schmid has worked many years as a member of the executive board with a highly acclaimed German publisher of scientific and special interest books on film and other topics. Today he offers his services to publishers as a freelance consultant. A passionate lover of movies, Michael continues to keep tabs on what is happening on the screens.