A girl in a car looking outside
Door de Ooren van Ellen, Saskia Gubbels, The Netherlands 2011

Best of look&roll 4

13 outstanding shorts in their original version with German subtitles for the heard of hearing and including a version with German audiodescription.


Picture: An elderly man with a strong visual impairment looks through a window to a garden outside

Notes on Blindness

After losing sight, John Hull knew that if he did not try to understand blindness it would destroy him. In 1983, he began keeping an audio diary…  

Picture: The back of Mazin's head while he is watching a soccer game in a big stadium

Geluiden voor Mazin

Mazin will get an operation that makes him hear. He looks forward to it, but it also scares him. How will all these new sounds change Mazins live?  

Picture: An exhausted young couple sits on a couch.

Nasza Klątwa

A personal statement of the director and his wife, who have to deal with «On­dine’s Curse», the very rare and in­curable disease of their new­born child.  

Picture: A young man gazing from a darkened room through the rollers into the bright sun light outdoors

Sunny Boy

A striking take on the relationship between a father and his son Danny who lives in a world of darkness due to his rare skin condition.  

Picture: Ellen and a friend in the pool below the water

Door de Ooren van Ellen

Ellen doesn’t speak with her voice but in sign language. She has to decide which secondary school to attend and she wants to got to an ordinary one.  

Picture: A girl reading a book on the rules of life

El Viaje de Maria

A small excursion into the inner world of an adolescent who has autism, a journey full of colour, love, creativity and originality.  

Picture: Wim and his sons in the living room

Alles is gezegd

Wim suffers from what is called »locked-in syndrome«. For the first time, his three sons take over care for some days to allow their mother a rest.  

Picture: Two women with white canes sitting on a bank in a park


A woman living with MS opens the door to a Jehovah Witness, not suspecting they’ll spend the day together. Both are blind and played by blind actors.  

Picture: Portrait of a young woman sitting in a dark room

Ik laat je gaan

Sanne suffers from borderline personality disorder, chronic depression and insomnia. She is searching for peace and her father decides to support her.  

Picture: Black and white film still of a group of small children gazing into the camera with grim and curious faces


Nearly 50 years after the shooting by Jeffrey Paull, autist Donna Washington watches and comments footage on herself and other disabled children.  

Picture: A caretaker transfering a physically disabled man from the wheelchair to the bed using a crane


A caretaker working in a center for the disabled is confronted to his principles when he’s asked to accomplish a very particular task.  

Picture: A big white cross on a black surface

Der beste Weg

No pictures, only font. No protagonists, only Steffi, a computer voice. The film shows the everyday life of blind people.  

Picture: Two women fixing the veil on a bride's head.

Love and Independence in East Providence

Lori and Peter were soul mates from the moment when they met first.