The blurred face of a young woman watching a toy-robot
«213 Things About Me» by Richard Butchins, GB 2015

Special shorts in Aarau

this is our third screening in the beautiful venue of the «Stadtmuseum Aarau» and we greatly appreciate the invitation!

Thursday, November 28, 18.30h

Programme (runtime: 79 min.):

Picture: A toy robot crossing in front of the face of a young woman

213 Things About Me

«My report card said ‘does not apply herself’. I thought that was a little misguided… all I do is focus and apply myself». (Cate Warren)  

Picture: A man describes a filmstill by signing

Voor Film

From the perspectives of a dozen diverse viewers, this short explores the ritual of watching film. A story about moving images and their audience.  

Picture: A boy with a lack of chromosomes celebrating his birthday with his trisomic friends

Downside Up

Downside Up reveals a world where everyone has Down’s syndrome.
Until one day Eric is born, a boy who’s completely different.  

Picture: A woman in her wheelchair is removing the shoes of a man lying on a couch

Tatortreiniger: Fleischfresser

Fanatic carnivore crime scene cleaner »Schotty« meets an attractive wheelchair user. She is a militant vegan!  

Picture: The face of an elderly woman looking into the camera

Ik was pas 14

On October 2nd, 1944, my grandmother, then 14 years old, saw how her father, along with 658 other men, was deported by train. He never came back…  

Picture: The hands of an elderly lady

When Day Is Done

A sojourn into the memories of a life shared, this film is a portrait of my grandmother’s recollection of my late grandfather.  

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