A boy of about 6 years sitting in his schoolbench
«Sky» by Loes Janssen, The Netherlands 2015

Shorts at the museum

once again, we stop by at the «Stadtmuseum Aarau» and present a selection of shorts. We are looking forward to it and to your visit. The event will be offered in a version accessible to all audiences.

Thursday, November 25, 18.00h

Picture: A young syrian boy looking into his mother's eyes

Baghdad Messi

Hamoudi and his friends are looking forward to watch a soccer match when Hamoudi’s TV breaks. A traumatic trip to the centre of Baghdad begins.  

Picture: Profile of a pensively looking young boy outdoors


Sky is nine years old and has a significant hearing impairment. «Does it matter whether your perception of reality is real or not?»  

Picture: A young latina in a classroom talking under the eyes of a co-student.

God Ton

A documentary filmmaker is backed against the wall when a student breaks the silence surrounding her dubious and arrogant depictions on minorities.  

Picture: Profile of a futsol player in action

Even Field

Meet Keryn Seal – a professional footballer, paralympian, husband, father of three, and a working man – who also happens to be blind.  

Picture: A young man kneeling next to his friend sitting in a wheelchair.

Als het zo is

A last will on a piece of paper, racing wheelchairs and hovering at the beach. A short drama about the irrevocable ending of a beautiful friendship.  

Picture: An elderly couple talking to a man in a supermarket


However Ruud and Els have been married for a hundred years, it only takes one minute to look at each other with different eyes again.