A drummer playing outdoors

short films and live rock

we are looking forward to present «Morganas Illusion», a young and very hot Dutch band portrayed in our festival contribution «Rock’n’Rollers»! We appreciate Fredy Hadorn’s initiative and invitation to his fantastic location «filter4» and will do a warm-up screening of five hot shorts with special sound effects and excellent music.

Reservoirstrasse Basel
4059 Basel

Bar & Barbecue  18.00h
Screening: 19.00h
Live concert: approx. 20.30h

Entry fee:
CHF 20.- (Access workers free)

Film program: (Runtime 50 Min.)

Picture: A woman standing on the deck of a ferry

The Day We Danced on the Moon

The story of the «Channel One Band», a reggae band of mental health patients, as they journey to the West Coast of Ireland.  

Picture: A young man and a young woman on the point of kissing each other

Atlantic Avenue

How a seventeen year-old determined girl in a wheelchair encounters love through a young antisocial male prostitute.  

Picture: A drummer playing outdoors

God Save The Queen

When this punk classic was at the top of the hit parade in 1976, it was banned by British radio. Here’s a visual interpretation in sign language.  

Picture: Three Boys lying on a carpet and smiling into the camera


When Sia (15) ends up in a depression the future of the band he is playing in with his best friends Bas and Vince is at stake. On friendship!  

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