The blurred face of a young woman watching a toy robot walking by
«213 Things About Me» by Richard Butchins, GB 2015

see you again in frick!

We are looking forward to see you again in «Fricks Monti» where we proudly present five excellent contributions to look&roll 2018, including two award winners!

Fricks Monti
Kaistenbergstrasse 5
5070 Frick

Date and time:
Monday January 28, 18.30h

Programme (Runtime 76 Min.):

Picture: A couple watching a fountain at sunset

Perfectly Normal

A man who often seems lost in an imaginary world, but works hard to keep his feet on the ground.  

Picture: Three elderly persons looking helplessly at a computer screen

Digital Immigrants

A group of senior citizens is trying to find their place in the digital age. Their problem is ours: How long can we keep up with the development?  

Picture: A man describes a filmstill by signing

Voor Film

From the perspectives of a dozen diverse viewers, this short explores the ritual of watching film. A story about moving images and their audience.  

Picture: A toy robot crossing in front of the face of a young woman

213 Things About Me

«My report card said ‘does not apply herself’. I thought that was a little misguided… all I do is focus and apply myself». (Cate Warren)  

Picture: Three Boys lying on a carpet and smiling into the camera


When Sia (15) ends up in a depression the future of the band he is playing in with his best friends Bas and Vince is at stake. On friendship!  

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