«Ik was pas 14» by Froukje van Wengeren, NL 2016

museums’ day 2021!

we have been invited to contribute to the Henry Dunant Museum’s programme for the international day of museums 2021 and will present two short shorts at Heiden – with a small delay of one year due to a famous virus.

Sunday, May 16 2021

Free entrance

Film 1, 13.30h

Picture: A man presentig a huge light bulb

The Globe Collector

This short documentary takes us into a world where a passion for electronics is all-consuming and Asperger’s nothing more than a label.  

Film 2, 15.30h

Picture: The face of an elderly woman looking into the camera

Ik was pas 14

On October 2nd, 1944, my grandmother, then 14 years old, saw how her father, along with 658 other men, was deported by train. He never came back…  

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