An elderly woman reading in a chair
«When Day Is Done» by Brandon Roots, USA 2016

Shorts at Horgen

with great pleasure we will soon be part of the «Aktionstage Behindertenrechte» and we look forward to presenting a selection of six films.

Wednesday, September 7, 18.00h

Seniorenbegegnungszentrum Bäumgärtlihof
8810 H0rgen


Picture: Black and white portrait of a young woman practising Karate


This is a movie about a «damaged» body which surprisingly cannot do what it can do.  

Picture: Wim and his sons in the living room

Alles is gezegd

Wim suffers from what is called »locked-in syndrome«. For the first time, his three sons take over care for some days to allow their mother a rest.  

Picture: The hands of an elderly lady

When Day Is Done

A sojourn into the memories of a life shared, this film is a portrait of my grandmother’s recollection of my late grandfather.  

Picture: A girl reading a book on the rules of life

El Viaje de Maria

A small excursion into the inner world of an adolescent who has autism, a journey full of colour, love, creativity and originality.  

Picture: An elderly man with a strong visual impairment looks through a window to a garden outside

Notes on Blindness

After losing sight, John Hull knew that if he did not try to understand blindness it would destroy him. In 1983, he began keeping an audio diary…  

Picture: A business man looking puzzled

The Interviewer

Thomas Howell gets more than he bargained for at an interview at a law firm: An insult about his tie, a rendition of Harry Potter, and much more.