A young man transfer another young man from a wheelchair into a car.
«Als Het Zo Is» by Kay Greidanus / Steef de Bot, NL 2016

We are looking forward to this year’s final screening and wish to thank our partner Procap Luzern, Ob- und Nidwalden very much for their kind invitation!

The screening takes place on Thursday, November 11 and starts at 19.00h

Bireggstr. 36
6003 Luzern

Entrance fee:
Fr. 15.-/10.- (Access workers free)

Tel. 041 318 60 80

Programme (Runtime 82 Min.)

Picture: Profile of a pensively looking young boy outdoors


Sky is nine years old and has a significant hearing impairment. «Does it matter whether your perception of reality is real or not?»  

Picture: An elderly couple talking to a man in a supermarket


However Ruud and Els have been married for a hundred years, it only takes one minute to look at each other with different eyes again.  

Picture: A young man kneeling next to his friend sitting in a wheelchair.

Als het zo is

A last will on a piece of paper, racing wheelchairs and hovering at the beach. A short drama about the irrevocable ending of a beautiful friendship.  

Picture: Black and white drawing of a woman's face

Carlotta’s Face

Watching her face in the mirror, Carlotta each day views a different woman. She cannot recognize herself, nor others as she is faceblind.  

Picture: Profile shot of an anxiously looking young man


Richard’s journey started a long time ago. At the age of 19, being on a holiday abroad, he plunged into a world that existed only in his mind.  

Picture: Animation film still, portrait of a young man in a penumbrous room

Mind my mind

When relying on social scripts to survive the social world, it’s not easy to go off-script. Especially if you just want to date a girl.