The Bandmembers posing in front of a brick wall
«Rock'n'Rollers» by Daan Bol, NL 2016

5 shorts &  1 Concert

In the setting of the newly born festival «unfrisiert» we present together with our partner Procap Luzern, Ob- und Nidwalden not only a short film programme for young adults, but also make happen the very first international appearance of the Dutch Rockband «Morganas Illusion»! Sia Winkelmolen (guitar/vocals), Bas Hatfield (bass guitar) and Vince van de Poel (drums) have been portrayed in the short documentary «Rock’n’Rollers» an attended look&roll 2018.

More about «Morganas Illusion»

Kleintheater Luzern
Bundesplatz 14
6003 Luzern

Date & Time:
Friday, February 8
Films: (19.00h)
Concert: (20.30h)

Film programme (Runtime 58 Min.):

Picture: A big white cross on a black surface

Der beste Weg

No pictures, only font. No protagonists, only Steffi, a computer voice. The film shows the everyday life of blind people.  

Picture: A sign language interpreter between a deaf mugger and his victim

Deaf Mugger

The film is a comic sketch about a deaf mugger, his victim, and a helpless interpreter who discovers that her client is quite a challenge.  

Picture: A lonesome young man with headphones eating in a restaurant


Gaspar Rubicon wakes up from a coma speaking an unrecognizable language. Trying to find support through «social» media evokes unexpected waves.  

Picture: A young Latino skating on a street of his neighbourhood

An Ode To Jon Comer

In the mid-nineties, skateboarder Jon Comer gained notoriety and inspired generations of adaptive skateboarders. Here is one of their stories.  

Picture: Three Boys lying on a carpet and smiling into the camera


When Sia (15) ends up in a depression the future of the band he is playing in with his best friends Bas and Vince is at stake. On friendship!