An elderly couple embracing each other in bed
«Nicht im Traum» by Astrid Menzel, Germany 2018

those who care

We very much appreciate the fourth invitation to present selected short films on ageing and the elderly at Ostermundigen’s parish!

der reformierten Kirche
Obere Zollgasse 15, Ostermundigen

Programm 1, 17.00h (59 Min.)

Picture: An elderly woman pegging out the washing on a sunny day

Nicht im Traum

An elderly couple fights for dignity as they balance on the edge of their earlier lives.  

Picture: An elderly man reading a book in the lap of an enourmos sculpture of Albert Einstein

27 Thoughts About My Father

Mike Hoolboom reflects in 27 brief scenes on the life of his father, an exceedingly clever, yet evanescent personality.  

Picture: An old man happily watching his smiling young Filipina caregiver

The Caregiver

After a home-leave, Raj returns to his employer only to learn he’s been replaced by a Filipina caregiver. But Raj won’t back down without a fight.  

Programme 2, 19.00h (64 Min.)

Picture: Vintage black and white portrait photo of a young woman with a big hat.

Memorie di Alba

Alba remembers how she fell in love with Pierino, her brother’s friend, in the early fifties in Italy.  

Picture: An elderly lady and a young man sitting on the bench in a waiting room

Sol de Agosto

A dramatic comedy and a story with a character study at its heart about a son reconnecting with his ailing mother.  

Picture: An old lady in a nightgown sitting on her bed in a nursing home


We all shape our life according to our own choices. But how valuable is life when you’re not able to make your own choices?  

Picture: A man explaing an old fashioned cooking stove to an very old lady

Der Besuch

A tragicomical story about an old woman, who, to the horror of her son, is cooking up a meal in the middle of the night for her long-deceased friends.