An elderly lady in front of the bathroom mirror
«One Night» by Kári Úlfsson, Iceland 2019

Parish hall screening

we are looking forward to our next screening in Ostermundigen’s Parish Hall. Shorts on, with and not only for the elderly.

Reformierte Kirche Ostermundigen
Obere Zollgasse 15

Free entrance

Programme 1:

Picture: An elderly couple eating on a table

Manolo Montesco and Carmela Capuleto

What would have happened if Romeo and Juliet hadn’t died when they were teenagers?  

Picture: An elderly lady in front of the mirror of a bathroom

One Night

Two seniors make themselves ready for a one-night stand…  

Picture: A nurse walking down a long hospital floor

My Mother’s Last Days – And Some Of Her Clothes

In January 2020 Susanne Helmer finished this short film she had recorded in the hospital and at home, shortly before her mother died.  

Picture: An elderly couple dancing outdoors next to their car.

Vivir Bailando

In rural Spain, where increasingly villages are left uninhabited, Cari (79) and Vicente (80) get a second chance at teenage love…  

Break for refreshments and talks.

Programme 2:

Picture: Portrait of y young woman


Marina leaves her family behind to earn money abroad by lookikng after elderly people in German households. A story on a specific form of migration.  

Picture: An elderly lady instructs a young man doing gymnastics

Min vän Barbro

About the unusual friendship between Taimaz, a 20-year-old Afghan asylum-seeker, and Barbro, an 87-year-old Swedish woman.  

Picture: Portrait of a smiling elderly woman with short blond hair showing her fingers

The Other Fab Four

In the mid-1960s, four teenagers from Liverpool were changing pop music. Mary, Sylvia, Pam and Val took very successfully off as «The Liverbirds».