The face of a seriously looking young man
«The Meeting Room» by Ellen Ugelstad, N 2017

the Roxy!

we are honoured by the invitation and proudly present another «Best of look&roll» in Romanshorn’s finest cinema Roxy!  The screening will be organized by our partner «Betula» and is part of their project «Begegnung und Kultur».

Live Audiodescription, SDH, Sign language interpreter for moderation and discussions.

Free Entrance!

Kino Roxy
Salmsacherstrasse 1
8590 Romanshorn

Friday, March 8, 20.00h (Doors 19.00h)

Programme (Runtime 87 minutes):

Picture: Black and white photograph of a woman in a patient's dossier

Gråter och stör de andra

In 1932 Linnea Carlsson dis­appeared from the family farm. When she returned 30 years later, she was a different person.  

Picture: A kneeling young man with trisomy 21 in an aircraft hangar

The Battle

Kayah is a young artist born with trisomy 21. In «The Battle» he narrates his thoughts on identity, power, passion and despair through dance.  

Picture: The doubtfully looking face of a young, blond man


In this kafkaesque meeting a mother and her son are fighting a clogged bureaucracy that intensify the personal suffering it is supposed to remedy.  

Picture: A sign language interpreter between a deaf mugger and his victim

Deaf Mugger

The film is a comic sketch about a deaf mugger, his victim, and a helpless interpreter who discovers that her client is quite a challenge.  

Picture: Three Boys lying on a carpet and smiling into the camera


When Sia (15) ends up in a depression the future of the band he is playing in with his best friends Bas and Vince is at stake. On friendship!  

Picture: A couple watching a fountain at sunset

Perfectly Normal

A man who often seems lost in an imaginary world, but works hard to keep his feet on the ground.  

Picture: A young Latino skating on a street of his neighbourhood

An Ode To Jon Comer

In the mid-nineties, skateboarder Jon Comer gained notoriety and inspired generations of adaptive skateboarders. Here is one of their stories.  

Picture: A young man with a plaster on his hurt nose


A lonely typographer with a cruel speech impediment but an eloquent inner voice must face his greatest fear.