An elderly man caressing a disabled dog
«237 de ani» by Ioana Mischie, Romania / France 2015

Back to the Roxy

we happily present another selection of short films at the «Kino Roxy».

Thursday, November 10, 20.00h

Kino Roxy
Salmsacherstrasse 1
8590 Romanshorn


Picture: A smoking woman and one of her colleagues in front of an office building


Business executive Mercedes has insulted her new assistant, a young man with Down Syndrome. A psychologist interviews her on the incident.  

Picture: A man presentig a huge light bulb

The Globe Collector

This short documentary takes us into a world where a passion for electronics is all-consuming and Asperger’s nothing more than a label.  

Picture: A woman holding a magic wand stands in front of a table with a bouquet on it


«Spirit Away» evolved from my interest in bio­graphies of psychiatric patients, whose cre­ative works are re­pre­sented in the Prinzhorn Collection.  

Picture: A middle aged man in a trenchoat caressing a physically impaireded dog

237 de ani

In a remote Romanian village, all of the villagers have been claiming disability benefits. Now they are due for inspection. An irreverent farce!  

Picture: An old and a young man sitting aboard a ship oin the open sea

Ja i Mój Tata

Dawid decides to take care of his father Edward who has Alzheimer’s disease. How much of their life will Dawid and his family be able to sacrifice?