A man and his little son watching the sea from board of a ferry
«Notes on Blindness» by Peter Middleton and James Spinney, GB 2013

We are looking forward to this screening at the «SAL Schaan» and our cooperation with «Liechtensteinischer Behindertenverband LBV» as well as «Obvita». The selection of shortfilms will focus mainly on works concerning blindness and deafness.

Programme 1:

Picture: Black and white filmstill of a young woman on the phone while sitting on the sill of an open window

Moonlight Princess

«Moonlight Princess» is an experimental portrait of a young women living with albinism, who is trying hard to emancipate and becoming an actress.  

Picture: The doubtfully looking face of a young, blond man


In this kafkaesque meeting a mother and her son are fighting a clogged bureaucracy that intensify the personal suffering it is supposed to remedy.  

Picture: Profile of a pensively looking young boy outdoors


Sky is nine years old and has a significant hearing impairment. «Does it matter whether your perception of reality is real or not?»  

Picture: An elderly man with a strong visual impairment looks through a window to a garden outside

Notes on Blindness

After losing sight, John Hull knew that if he did not try to understand blindness it would destroy him. In 1983, he began keeping an audio diary…  

Break for refreshments and discussions.

Programme 2:

Picture: A boy with a lack of chromosomes celebrating his birthday with his trisomic friends

Downside Up

Downside Up reveals a world where everyone has Down’s syndrome.
Until one day Eric is born, a boy who’s completely different.  

Picture: Two deafblind women greeting each other

A Woman Like Me

Two deafblind women from opposite ends of the world meet for the first time. This film explores the complexities of their communication.  

Picture: Two women with white canes sitting on a bank in a park


A woman living with MS opens the door to a Jehovah Witness, not suspecting they’ll spend the day together. Both are blind and played by blind actors.  

Picture: A woman standing in the door welcomes a vertically challenged man


After a long courtship online, Amy has finally invited Bill over for dinner so they can at last meet in the flesh. There’s just one small problem…