A young couple face to face
«Atlantic Avenue» by Laure de Clermont, France / USA 2013

«Best of» in Schaan

we are looking forward to our next visit to Schaan and will once again present a selection of shorts in cooperation with our colleagues of the «Liechtensteiner Behinderten-Verband». The focus of all contributions will be on relationship, tenderness, love and more.

Wednesday, September 28, 18.30h

Landstrasse 19
9494 Schaan FL


Picture: A young man and a young woman on the dancefloor

Amour bègue

Tim is 23 years old. He’s intelligent, rather good looking, but he stammers. Seducing a girl is an ordeal.  

Picture: A young man and a young woman on the point of kissing each other

Atlantic Avenue

How a seventeen year-old determined girl in a wheelchair encounters love through a young antisocial male prostitute.  

Picture: Geoff's black and white profile in the sidelightlight

Ghost Train

84 year-old Geoffrey has had to put his wife in a nursing home and feels completely alone until one day he takes a ride into «Dracula’s».  

Picture: A woman in a wheelchair and her assistant doing exercises


Victoria is in a wheel­chair. She is longing for close­ness and love. Her assistant Ida helps her make a Tinder profile and soon becomes worried.  

Picture: A couple sitting on the lawn, she leaning her head against his shoulder and smiling happily

Mon Amoureux

On Saturday, my sister is gonna take us by car for a week-end in the countryside. And then, finally, my darling Romain will be my lover!  

Picture: A young man kneeling next to his friend sitting in a wheelchair.

Als het zo is

A last will on a piece of paper, racing wheelchairs and hovering at the beach. A short drama about the irrevocable ending of a beautiful friendship.