A doctor with Down-Syndrome at his practice's table.
«Downside Up» by Peter Ghesquière, Belgium 2017


due to current riks caused by the Corona-virus  «Procap Luzern» decided to postpone the screening at the «Kino Seehof». The new dates will be published here as soon as they will be fixed.

Programme (73 Min.), 18.00H

Picture: A boy with a lack of chromosomes celebrating his birthday with his trisomic friends

Downside Up

Downside Up reveals a world where everyone has Down’s syndrome.
Until one day Eric is born, a boy who’s completely different.  

Picture: The doubtfully looking face of a young, blond man


In this kafkaesque meeting a mother and her son are fighting a clogged bureaucracy that intensify the personal suffering it is supposed to remedy.  

Picture: A plastic surgeon presenting a catalogue of womens' buttocks


Pasha is perfect and his girl Alena has to be perfect, too. However, her plastic surgeon takes off a little more than needed.  

Picture: A woman holding a magic wand stands in front of a table with a bouquet on it


«Spirit Away» evolved from my interest in bio­graphies of psychiatric patients, whose cre­ative works are re­pre­sented in the Prinzhorn Collection.  

Picture: Three elderly persons looking helplessly at a computer screen

Digital Immigrants

A group of senior citizens is trying to find their place in the digital age. Their problem is ours: How long can we keep up with the development?