Three Teenagers leaning on a brick wall
«Rock'N'Rollers» by Daan Bol, Netherlands 2016

Hello «sphères»!

We are very much looking forward to present our next selection in one of our favourite locations.

Monday, November 25, 19.00h

Programme (Runtime 79 Min.)

Picture: 4 year-old Libby leaning with sad eyes at wall of her pre-school building

The Silent Child

Set in rural England and inspired by real life events, «The Silent Child» centres around a profoundly deaf four year old girl named Libby.  

Picture: Two yopun men with Down-Syndrome reciting a poem in a park


Daniel spends his holidays in a camp organized for people with Down syndrome. Talks between him and his friends circle mostly around love and girls.  

Picture: Three Boys lying on a carpet and smiling into the camera


When Sia (15) ends up in a depression the future of the band he is playing in with his best friends Bas and Vince is at stake. On friendship!  

Picture: A couple watching a fountain at sunset

Perfectly Normal

A man who often seems lost in an imaginary world, but works hard to keep his feet on the ground.  

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