A young boy with a hearing aid at school
«Sky» by Loes Janssen, The Netherlands 2015

Shorts at Zurich’s sphères

our traditional November screening in Zurich. We are delighted to present not only films, but also the Dutch crew of the film «Sky»

Monday, November 7, 19.00h

Hardturmstrasse 66
8005 Zurich


Picture: A woman in a wheelchair and her assistant doing exercises


Victoria is in a wheel­chair. She is longing for close­ness and love. Her assistant Ida helps her make a Tinder profile and soon becomes worried.  

Picture: An old man holding a recently born baby in his arms

De Hoeder

Nico van Hasselt (90) has been active as a general practitioner in Amster­dam ever since 1956. A committed doctor who truly cares for his patients.  

Picture: Black and white filmstill of a young woman on the phone while sitting on the sill of an open window

Moonlight Princess

«Moonlight Princess» is an experimental portrait of a young women living with albinism, who is trying hard to emancipate and becoming an actress.  

Picture: A young latina in a classroom talking under the eyes of a co-student.

God Ton

A documentary filmmaker is backed against the wall when a student breaks the silence surrounding her dubious and arrogant depictions on minorities.  

Picture: Profile of a pensively looking young boy outdoors


Sky is nine years old and has a significant hearing impairment. «Does it matter whether your perception of reality is real or not?»