Ein kleiner Junge mit einem Bein jubelt über ein Tor seiner Fussballmannschaft

welcome to look&roll

The 8th edition of «look&roll» will take place from September 17 to 20 in Basel, Switzerland. Should the current situation result in a ban of festival activities at the scheduled date, we will be back as soon as possible. In the meantime, we prepare everything and would like to underline that an 8th will be held sooner or later! Take good care for yourself and others.

Our topics are life with impairments, different abilities, special needs, ageing and the elder and our attitude is far from pity. It is obvious that weakness, failure and being excluded from the happy few are ubiquitous experiences in societies where standardization, efficiency at the workplace and greed are rapidly growing. Therefore, it’s obvious, too, that knowing to deal with these topics is more important than ever. We are talking about human diversity and we hope to contribute to keep the waters troubled!

Programming board as well as our juries include both film professionals and people with impairments. Full access for wheelchair users, audiodescription, SDH and a translation of speeches and moderations into sign language are standards at «look&roll». We are (unfortunately, we must say) one of the very few inclusively designed festivals in German speaking countries.

«Best of look&roll» programs have been presented at hundreds of occasions in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. We respect copyright and pay fees to the rights holders whenever their works are included in one of our programmes.

Entries can be sent at any time and we are not charging an entry fee. To begin with, we need a screener with English, French or German subtitles. For entries without subtitles we need a dialogue list in one of the said languages as hard of hearing or deaf colleagues are always involved in our selection process.

Festivaltrailer 2018: