Physically challenged

Picture: A young man kneeling next to his friend sitting in a wheelchair.

Als het zo is

A last will on a piece of paper, racing wheelchairs and hovering at the beach. A short drama about the irrevocable ending of a beautiful friendship.  

Picture: A young blond woman stretching her arms in the air

Till Den Som Bär Mig

«Till Den Som Bär Mig» (To My Carrier) starts and ends as a love letter written to a wheelchair. The spoken letter, accompanied by a silent dance, reflects on personhood in relation to disability.  

Picture: Animated filmstill of a woman performing mdern dance in a wheelchair

StopGap in Stop Motion

Photographs of performers in a divers dance company come to life and reveal the beauty and strength of professional inclusive art projects.  

Picture: A middle aged man in a trenchoat caressing a physically impaireded dog

237 de ani

In a remote Romanian village, all of the villagers have been claiming disability benefits. Now they are due for inspection. An irreverent farce!  

Picture: A young Latino skating on a street of his neighbourhood

An Ode To Jon Comer

In the mid-nineties, skateboarder Jon Comer gained notoriety and inspired generations of adaptive skateboarders. Here is one of their stories.  

Picture: A plastic surgeon presenting a catalogue of womens' buttocks


Pasha is perfect and his girl Alena has to be perfect, too. However, her plastic surgeon takes off a little more than needed.  

Picture: Black and white portrait of a young woman practising Karate


This is a movie about a «damaged» body which surprisingly cannot do what it can do.  

Picture: Wim and his sons in the living room

Alles is gezegd

Wim suffers from what is called »locked-in syndrome«. For the first time, his three sons take over care for some days to allow their mother a rest.  

Picture: A caretaker transfering a physically disabled man from the wheelchair to the bed using a crane


A caretaker working in a center for the disabled is confronted to his principles when he’s asked to accomplish a very particular task.  

Picture: A woman and her three son's listening on a bed listening to her husband

Just as I Remember

Andrew was four when his father learned he had ALS, an incurable illness. 17 years later he documents another father’s struggle with ALS.  

Picture: A young man and a young woman on the point of kissing each other

Atlantic Avenue

How a seventeen year-old determined girl in a wheelchair encounters love through a young antisocial male prostitute.  

Picture: Performance of a pas-de-deux with a male dancer on one leg

Phoenix Dance

After losing a leg to cancer, dancer Homer Avila returns to the stage. The rehearsal process is fierce and tender, the result pure beauty.  

Picture: View through the front window of an oldtimer with three young people inside.


A girl in love, a pop star in peril and a gang on the run. Somebody’s going to get burned.  

Picture: A woman in her wheelchair is removing the shoes of a man lying on a couch

Tatortreiniger: Fleischfresser

Fanatic carnivore crime scene cleaner »Schotty« meets an attractive wheelchair user. She is a militant vegan!  

Picture: A woman watching a man passing by

Love Davka

«In this film I pursued the challenge of finding love and sex even though I’m disabled and I was in for some surprises.»  

Picture: A boy with glasses, on of which is covered


Adam’s brother has a collection of cigarette butts and a dream: to be an acrobat like their father was before his accident. Can dreams come true?  

Picture: Portrait of a small boy

Bona Nox

Since mommy died in a car accident, daddy cries all the time. I move with «Wheelchair», my wheelchair and I can fix everything with my time machine.  

Picture: A physically challenged man sitting on the bathroom floor


A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a world that would rather ignore him.  

Picture: Sand painting of a human body


Illustrated by marvelous sand paintings, the film dives into the hidden world of Veronika, who once was certified autistic and with an IQ of zero.  

Picture: A smiling boy in a superman-outfit


Adam tells the story of his cousin, who had cerebral palsy. The boys have been separated early and Adam wonders, does he still smell of licorice.  

Picture: Profile of Lasse in a dark room

Kys min bror

In his wheelchair Lasse attends a party held by the girl on whom he has a crush. His brother, meant to be an assistant, becomes a rival in love.  

Picture: A young woman watching herself in the mirror


In the school play ground, Benoit looses a bet with his mates. So he must invite Aglaee, a physically disabled co-student, out. But she dares to reject him!  

Picture: Przemek in his wheelchair amongst a group of scouts

Jak Motyl

Przemek has been paralyzed since birth. Everybody considered him stupid and he began to lose hope. But a miracle happened and he has become a poet!  

Picture: A woman standing in the door welcomes a vertically challenged man


After a long courtship online, Amy has finally invited Bill over for dinner so they can at last meet in the flesh. There’s just one small problem…  

Picture: A boy sitting at the edge of the 10m-tower of a swimming pool

Nikita & Nikita

Nikita has cerebral palsy. Frequently he goes to the pool to learn high diving. When the day to dive from 10m came, Nikita refused to do so. Why?  

Picture: A young syrian boy looking into his mother's eyes

Baghdad Messi

Hamoudi and his friends are looking forward to watch a soccer match when Hamoudi’s TV breaks. A traumatic trip to the centre of Baghdad begins.  



Leon lives with cere­bral pal­sy and has in­tense epilep­tic seizures. An in­ci­dent dur­ing his wa­ter ther­a­py dis­rupts his life. Key­word: cy­ber­bul­ly­ing.  

Picture: A woman in a wheelchair and her assistant doing exercises


Vic­to­ria is in a wheelchair and has prob­lems speak­ing. As her long­ing for ten­der­ness and sex grows stronger, she cre­ates a pro­file on Tin­der with the sup­port of her as­sis­tant Ida. An ex­cit­ing jour­ney be­gins for both wom­en.