A young couple placing their orders in a cafe
«Mind My Mind» by Floor Admas, The Netherlands 2019

Best of look&roll 6

10 outstanding shorts in original version with German subtitles for the heard of hearing and including a version with German audiodescription.


Picture: Portrait of y young woman


Marina leaves her family behind to earn money abroad by lookikng after elderly people in German households. A story on a specific form of migration.  

Picture: A young syrian boy looking into his mother's eyes

Baghdad Messi

Hamoudi and his friends are looking forward to watch a soccer match when Hamoudi’s TV breaks. A traumatic trip to the centre of Baghdad begins.  

Picture: Black and white filmstill of a young woman on the phone while sitting on the sill of an open window

Moonlight Princess

«Moonlight Princess» is an experimental portrait of a young women living with albinism, who is trying hard to emancipate and becoming an actress.  

Picture: Profile shot of an anxiously looking young man


Richard’s journey started a long time ago. At the age of 19, being on a holiday abroad, he plunged into a world that existed only in his mind.  

Picture: Portrait of an elderly woman looking seriously

Sol de Agosto

Javier helps his ailing mother Ana, who is living with a bipolar disorder. He returns home to settle a legal dispute with her medical insurance.  

Picture: An old man happily watching his smiling young Filipina caregiver

The Caregiver

Raj returns to his work as caregiver to an elderly man, only to be greeted by a Filipino woman who seems to have taken over his job.  

Picture: An elderly woman pegging out the washing on a sunny day

Nicht im Traum

An elderly couple fighting for dignity. Both do not accept that their life should be dominated by illness and the assistance of their daughter.  

Picture: Animation film still, portrait of a young man in a penumbrous room

Mind my mind

When relying on social scripts to survive the social world, it’s not easy to go off-script. Especially if you just want to date a girl.  

Picture: An old lady in a nightgown sitting on her bed in a nursing home


Making choices seem to be a matter of your right to shape your life just the way you want to. But what if you’re not able to make your own choices?  

Picture: A young woman in a semi-dark room

Blind Dancer

Lisa is almost blind and feels her arms belong to others. She is reclaiming her body, struggling with regret and ambition, ability and disability.