Festival name in Neon writing above the cinema entrance
Foto: Lua Leirner, © look&roll

«look&roll» takes place biannualy and presents premium shorts accessible for all. The focus is on living with impairments and restrictions caused by disability or age and on a society that should do much better to cope with this.

A very special festival offering contact with international guests and lively discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. Politically incorrect, poignant, funny, smart and full of respect for all of those who are indeed enriching this world with their imperfections. (We mean this!)

For private or educational purposes, we offer a fine selection of contributions on our DVD editions Best of look&roll.

To those planning their own public or commercial screenings with contributions of look&roll, we offer a broad range of services such as programming, clearing of rights, supply of screening copies and the adaption of premises to the technical requirements of fully accessible screenings.