A young woman and a young man looking each other in the eyes from a very short distance
«Zelf» by Carolien van Maaswaal, The Netherlands 2018

Int. Competition 5

FRI, 18 September, 20.00h
SAT, 19 September, 15.00h


Picture: An elderly couple talking to a man in a supermarket


However Ruud and Els have been married for a hundred years, it only takes one minute to look at each other with different eyes again.  

Picture: An old lady in a nightgown sitting on her bed in a nursing home


Making choices seem to be a matter of your right to shape your life just the way you want to. But what if you’re not able to make your own choices?  

Picture: A young blond woman stretching her arms in the air

Till Den Som Bär Mig

«Till Den Som Bär Mig» (To My Carrier) starts and ends as a love letter written to a wheelchair. The spoken letter, accompanied by a silent dance, reflects on personhood in relation to disability.  

Picture: Animation film still, portrait of a young man in a penumbrous room

Mind my mind

When relying on social scripts to survive the social world, it’s not easy to go off-script. Especially if you just want to date a girl.