A young couple sitting on the stairway to a huge Building
«Làthatatlanul», Hungary 2017

Best of look&roll 5

10 outstanding shorts in their original version with German subtitles for the heard of hearing and including a version with German audiodescription.


Picture: A woman holding a magic wand stands in front of a table with a bouquet on it


«Spirit Away» evolved from my interest in bio­graphies of psychiatric patients, whose cre­ative works are re­pre­sented in the Prinzhorn Collection.  

Picture: The doubtfully looking face of a young, blond man


In this kafkaesque meeting a mother and her son are fighting a clogged bureaucracy that intensify the personal suffering it is supposed to remedy.  

Picture: Three elderly persons looking helplessly at a computer screen

Digital Immigrants

A group of senior citizens is trying to find their place in the digital age. Their problem is ours: How long can we keep up with the development?  

Picture: Black and white picture of a laughing girl in a gym


This is a short photo- and voice-based film about Thea, a young
Norwegian girl who has epilepsy. Her perspective
on it all is crystal clear.  

Picture: Portait of a young woman with scarred throat and face

Als ik in de spiegel kijk

A burst of flames caused severe burns over Dilan’s (15) body. The accident literally scarred her.  

Picture: The clenched fist of an elderly lady


At the age of ninety-two, Isabella struggles to remember. How much of your life do you need to remember to remain yourself?  

Picture: A young man and a young woman on the dancefloor

Amour bègue

Tim is 23 years old. He’s intelligent, rather good looking, but he stammers. Seducing a girl is an ordeal.  

Picture: An old and a young man sitting aboard a ship oin the open sea

Ja i Mój Tata

Dawid decides to take care of his father Edward who has Alzheimer’s disease. How much of their life will Dawid and his family be able to sacrifice?  

Picture: A young woman's face, in her back a young blind man


Two people meet in the darkness of an invisible exhibition. The film follows them as they get closer and move apart from each other.  

Picture: Portrait of an about 50-year-old man with glasses


Dr. Semyc is a specialist of a widespread disease for which there is no cure to date.