Picture: A young latina in a classroom talking under the eyes of a co-student.

God Ton

A documentary filmmaker is backed against the wall when a student breaks the silence surrounding her dubious and arrogant depictions on minorities.  

Picture: Black and white drawing of a woman's face

Carlotta’s Face

Watching her face in the mirror, Carlotta each day views a different woman. She cannot recognize herself, nor others as she is faceblind.  

Picture: Animated filmstill of a woman performing mdern dance in a wheelchair

StopGap in Stop Motion

Photographs of performers in a divers dance company come to life and reveal the beauty and strength of professional inclusive art projects.  

Picture: A lonesome young man with headphones eating in a restaurant


Gaspar Rubicon wakes up from a coma speaking an unrecognizable language. Trying to find support through «social» media evokes unexpected waves.  

Picture: Black and white picture of a laughing girl in a gym


This is a short photo- and voice-based film about Thea, a young
Norwegian girl who has epilepsy. Her perspective
on it all is crystal clear.  

Picture: A middle aged man in a trenchoat caressing a physically impaireded dog

237 de ani

In a remote Romanian village, all of the villagers have been claiming disability benefits. Now they are due for inspection. An irreverent farce!  

Picture: A man describes a filmstill by signing

Voor Film

From the perspectives of a dozen diverse viewers, this short explores the ritual of watching film. A story about moving images and their audience.  

Picture: Glasses lying on a page with crosswords

Dear Araucaria

«Almost all people want to solve puzzles, I think it’s part of human nature.»  

Picture: An exhausted young couple sits on a couch.

Nasza Klątwa

A personal statement of the director and his wife, who have to deal with «On­dine’s Curse», the very rare and in­curable disease of their new­born child.  

Picture: An elder man reads on the display of his mobile using a magnifying glass


The film quietly observes the unexpected and rich friendship that develops between a young psychologist and his patients in a State retirement home.  

Picture: Portait of a young woman with scarred throat and face

Als ik in de spiegel kijk

A burst of flames caused severe burns over Dilan’s (15) body. The accident literally scarred her.  

Picture: Portrait of a smiling young woman

Define by Ability

We don’t define ourselves by what we can’t do. So why define others by their disability?  

Picture: Portrait of an about 50-year-old man with glasses


Dr. Semyc is a specialist of a widespread disease for which there is no cure to date.  

Picture: Portrait of a young woman sitting in a dark room

Ik laat je gaan

Sanne suffers from borderline personality disorder, chronic depression and insomnia. She is searching for peace and her father decides to support her.  

Picture: A smoking woman and one of her colleagues in front of an office building


Business executive Mercedes has insulted her new assistant, a young man with Down Syndrome. A psychologist interviews her on the incident.  

Picture: View through the front window of an oldtimer with three young people inside.


A girl in love, a pop star in peril and a gang on the run. Somebody’s going to get burned.  

Picture: A woman standing in the door welcomes a vertically challenged man


After a long courtship online, Amy has finally invited Bill over for dinner so they can at last meet in the flesh. There’s just one small problem…  

Picture: A young man gazing from a darkened room through the rollers into the bright sun light outdoors

Sunny Boy

A striking take on the relationship between a father and his son Danny who lives in a world of darkness due to his rare skin condition.  

Picture: Street sign announcing Atalissa

The Men of Atalissa

For decades, a group of men with intellectual disabilities seemed happy living in a small Iowa town. Then their neighbors found out the truth.  

Picture: Sand painting of a human body


Illustrated by marvelous sand paintings, the film dives into the hidden world of Veronika, who once was certified autistic and with an IQ of zero.  



A hu­mor­ous and clever an­i­ma­tion on the sub­ject of au­dio de­scrip­tion. How does a film be­come an au­dio film?