Hearing Impairments

Picture: Profile of a pensively looking young boy outdoors


Sky is nine years old and has a significant hearing impairment. «Does it matter whether your perception of reality is real or not?»  

Picture: Two deafblind women greeting each other

A Woman Like Me

Two deafblind women from opposite ends of the world meet for the first time. This film explores the complexities of their communication.  

Picture: 4 year-old Libby leaning with sad eyes at wall of her pre-school building

The Silent Child

Set in rural England and inspired by real life events, «The Silent Child» centres around a profoundly deaf four year old girl named Libby.  

Picture: A deaf woman performing on stage and expressing herself through sign language.

Silent Laughs

Leah is a Deaf stand-up comedian who performs in British Sign Language and dreams of raising awareness about Deaf Culture through her shows.  

Picture: A man describes a filmstill by signing

Voor Film

From the perspectives of a dozen diverse viewers, this short explores the ritual of watching film. A story about moving images and their audience.  

Picture: A sign language interpreter between a deaf mugger and his victim

Deaf Mugger

The film is a comic sketch about a deaf mugger, his victim, and a helpless interpreter who discovers that her client is quite a challenge.  

Picture: Black and white portrait of a small boy with an hearing aid

The End

A powerful and moving drama spanning a 60 year period. Charting the introduction of the »treatment« and the subsequent decline of Deaf culture.  

Picture: Ellen and a friend in the pool below the water

Door de Ooren van Ellen

Ellen doesn’t speak with her voice but in sign language. She has to decide which secondary school to attend and she wants to got to an ordinary one.  

Picture: The back of Mazin's head while he is watching a soccer game in a big stadium

Geluiden voor Mazin

Mazin will get an operation that makes him hear. He looks forward to it, but it also scares him. How will all these new sounds change Mazins live?  

Picture: A doctor pointing at the ear of a young man

A Deaf Person’s Guide to the Sound Sensitive

Deaf-awareness training is turned on its head as a deaf scientist explains how to care about «The Sound Sensitive».  

Picture: An elderly man sits in a salt mountain landscape.


Dela is the cap­tain of a fish­ing boat. He lives on the is­land of Hor­muz in south­ern Iran. His life is in­ter­wo­ven with the sea, the salt and the fish.