Abstract drawing of a man's face consisting only of two round eyes and an old-fashioned moustache
«Carlotta's Face» by Valentin Riedl, Germany 2018

Int. Competition 4

FRI, 18. September, 17.30h
SUN, 20. September, 14.30h


Picture: An elderly woman pegging out the washing on a sunny day

Nicht im Traum

An elderly couple fighting for dignity. Both do not accept that their life should be dominated by illness and the assistance of their daughter.  

Picture: Experimental filmstill with former German Chancelor Kohl on TV

Sollten Behinderte Bioeier kaufen?

Nikolas Müller addresses the issue of inclusion and the balance of power between society, state institutions and people who are mentally ill.  

Picture: Portrait of a smiling elderly woman with short blond hair showing her fingers

The Other Fab Four

In the mid-1960s, four teenagers from Liverpool were changing pop music. Mary, Sylvia, Pam and Val took very successfully off as «The Liverbirds».  

Picture: Black and white drawing of a woman's face

Carlotta’s Face

Watching her face in the mirror, Carlotta each day views a different woman. She cannot recognize herself, nor others as she is faceblind.  

Picture: A young woman in a semi-dark room

Blind Dancer

Lisa is almost blind and feels her arms belong to others. She is reclaiming her body, struggling with regret and ambition, ability and disability.