Das Gesicht eines jungen Mannes mit fragendem Blick
«Mind My Mind» von Floor Admas, NL 2019

Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners of the look&roll 2020 awards:

1st Price of the Jury (CHF 5’000.-)

Sky, Loes Janssen, NL 2015

2nd Price of the Jury (CHF 2’500.-)

Mind My Mind, Floor Adams, NL 2019

Main audience award (CHF 5’000.-)

Mind My Mind, Floor Adams, NL 2019

Second audience award (CHF 2’500.-)

Zelf, Carolien van Maaswaal, NL 2018

Special award of the festival director ex aequo (CHF 1’500.- each):

Sol de Agosto, Franco Volpi, GB 2018

Marina, Julia Roesler, D 2018

The jury 2020:

Picture: Portrait of Marita Loosen-Fox

Marita Loosen-Fox

Marita Loosen-Fox is a freelance authoress and filmmaker in the fields of art, film, cultural history and current affairs. Over the past 15 years she creates on a regular base contributions for «KurzSchluss», a German French shortfilm programme broadcast by ARTE/WDR. Since 2012 she has produced four broadcasts with a main focus on «look&roll».

Picture: Portrait Luzia Schmid

Luzia Schmid

Luzia Schmid worked before her film studies as moderatress and editor for the Swiss national TV SRF. As from 2001 she works as a freelance authoress for public TV-channels and has been awarded the «Grimme-Preis» and «First Steps». Her first feature film, «Die Geschwister Vogelbach», depicts the family life of her severely disabled nephew Luca. Luzia Schmid currently works and lives with her family in Cologne.

Picture: Portrait of Zineb Benkhelifa

Zineb Benkhelifa

Zineb Benkhelifa holds a degree in Oriental Studies, works for the Swiss Society of Professional Actors*Actresses, Dancers and Singers. She is also the City of Zurich’s appointee for the equal treatment of the disabled and a free lance corrector/editor.  She is furthermore volunteering as a board member of «Public Eye» (formerly «Declaration of Berne») and as a member of the und ist «International Arab Film Festival Zurich» (IAFFZ).

Picture: Portrait of Wille Felix Zante

Wille Felix Zante

Wille lives and works in Berlin, where he graduated in Sign Language and American Studies. He is working as a volunteer with deaf people, writes reviews on video games and articles on deaf culture and theatre. In his spare time he enjoys his activities as an dramatic adviser and actor in the theatre project «Die Taube Zeitmaschine».

Picture: Portrait of Pirmin Willi

Pirmin Willi

Pirmin Willi has been from 2004 to 2020 the director of the  «Stiftung Brändi», one of the leading organisations dedicated for the social, professional and cultural integration of the disabled. Being a film-addict with a distinct interest in culture and politics he has been amongst look&roll’s core audience for many years.